3 Disrespectful Things We Do to Our Husbands

The 3 ways we disrespect our husbands may come as a surprise.

We all do them on occasion, and they may seem harmless enough.

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5 Reasons Your Husband Cherishes You Series.  

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I suppose we’ve all heard that our husbands need respect, just as we need love.  And in many ways, we too need respect while they need love.  The two go hand-in-hand.  But I’m afraid we slip into habits that aren’t so loving or respectful.  

1.  We put him down in front of others. 

(jokingly or not so jokingly)

2.  We do the opposite of what we know he would want.

3.  We complain to him about what we don’t have.

The only reason I know about these 3 things, is because I’ve done them.

When trying to be funny, I’ve brought up his faults to our friends. When I’ve wanted my way, I’ve ignored his.  And when I’ve been discontent, he’s heard about it.

And you know what?  The joke wasn’t funny.  My way wasn’t better.  And there was nothing he could possible do about my discontentment.

So how can we show our guys a little respect?

Let some of our wants go. 

Agree with him, or respectfully disagree.  

Do things his way once in a while..we will survive!

Thank him for working hard.  

And lastly, pull the plank out of our own eye before pointing out the splinter in his.

Did I mention how much better your marriage will get when your husband feels respected?

After all, YOUR respect is what he desires most.

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