3 Faith Boosters…When Indeed Your Faith is Small



When indeed your faith is small…


If you’ve ever gone under general anesthesia, you know that there is a moment when you wonder if you are going to wake up.

This happened to me a few days ago. I’d never had surgery, so I truly didn’t know what to expect. And I thought I was such a trooper!

Until I was on the actual operating table.

Tears came unbidden as I looked around the stark white room and wondered if it would be the last thing I would see. One of the many nurses, Lucy I think, tried to let me know it would be ok.

Would it?

All the prayers, preparations, and positive thoughts vanished in the reality of that moment. Slight panic started to enter my mind as I witnessed the chaos of green scrubs, masks, equipment and voices.

Then…in the midst of the moment came these words.

“I hear my Savior say, thy strength indeed is small

Child of weakness watch and pray, let Me be thine all in all…”

Old words giving new hope. A melody from deep within my heart. Reassurance from a loving God…

Right before the 3 deep breaths to oblivion.

Obviously I made it. I’m here writing to you today. And I’m sensing that some of you are feeling like your faith indeed is small. You may not be on the operating table, but you feel like you are going under… in life.

Is panic setting in? Or are you past the panic and on to hopeless?

Please don’t be.

We may be weak, but we are not defeated! Our faith indeed is small, but our Savior is bigger than life!

In your moment of panic, despair or even hopelessness, don’t lose heart. Look at these 3 ways to boost your faith right when you need it most.

1.  Find something (anything) to be thankful for.

It’s there, so find it. No matter how small it is, there is a blessing from God right in front of you. For me, it was being grateful for modern medicine. Without it, there would be so much more pain. What can you be grateful for even now? Thankfulness, even in trial, is one of the biggest faith boosters out there.

2.  Give it up. (all of it)

Whatever you are holding onto, no matter how important, loosen your white-knuckle grip. The peace that will come when you finally release it into the hands of God is worth the fight to give it up. It really is. For me, it was giving up everyone I hold dear. I knew that God had them covered…with or without me. What a boost of faith when I finally let go!

3.  Offer a smile.

I know you don’t feel like it. I didn’t either. But I made a real effort to smile big and smile often. One of the nurses said I was even smiling as I slept. It’s not because I was unusually happy, it’s because I was grateful. Smiling gives our faith a boost especially when we are doing it as an offering to the Lord.

I know, these things seem awfully simple. Can they truly boost our faith? They sure can. Try them and see.



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  1. adam
    | Reply

    I think this is great. I like meditating on the reality that even when we are faithless He is faithful. Not getting so caught up with our lack but seeing His abundance. When we take our mustard seed of faith and place it in His faithfulness then we truly see with a heavenly perspective!

  2. Martina Kruger
    | Reply

    I really liked your 3 faith boosters.

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