5 Ways to Push Friends Away…

5 Ways to Push Friends Away…

5 Ways to Push Friends Away:

1.  Point our their faults on a regular basis.
2.  Put down their husband or children.
3.  Never Listen.
4.  Put them on the back burner.
5.  Criticize their decisions.

Ooh, what a serious blog post today…

But before you worry that I am talking about you…I’m not.  I’m only pointing out things that really do drive a wedge between people.

AND!  I am following it up with 14 Ways to Make Lasting Connections.  So hang on, and plow through the ugly stuff.

The bottom line is, friends take friends for granted.  We find it easy to put off getting together.  We are quick to judge.  And we get very lazy when it comes to nurturing our buddies.

And just so you know, I am speaking to myself louder than anyone! (CAN YOU HEAR ME YELLING?)

Let’s make 2015 the year to connect, reconnect and stay connected. How will you be a better friend this year?


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