Why Women Crave Acceptance

  Image Credit: Evelyn Mostrom on Unsplash   Why is it that women crave acceptance?   What are we really seeking? A pat on the back? A thumbs up? An invitation? We see posts on social media, for events we weren’t invited to, and we automatically feel rejected. Or, we don’t get the acknowledgment we think we deserve and we feel unappreciated.   Striving for acceptance can easily take the place of serving God.   For am I now seeking the approval of … Read More

Does God Promise Safety?

.   As we navigate through a world that seems to have danger lurking on every corner, are we assured that God promises safety? Does the Bible give us the formula to stay out of harm’s way? Is there a powerful prayer that will guard our loved ones? In my heart-of-hearts, I want to believe that God will keep my loved ones safe.   Can anyone relate?   I wonder if that’s how Timothy’s mother and grandmother felt, as they watched him … Read More

When the Darkness Doesn’t Understand (hope for our loved ones)

    The first words I remember reading from the Bible, at the age of seventeen, was John 1:1-5. I was in between seeking God and meeting the Savior, and had been given a Bible for my birthday. So, I read…   “In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. And through Him, all things were made. Without Him, nothing was made that has been … Read More

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