How You Can Fly Through Life’s Turbulence Without Losing It

  Turbulence: turmoil, uproar, frenzy… The last time I flew with my youngest son, we were stuck in the very back of a really small plane. Need I say more? After we hit a long patch of turbulence, I looked back to give him a thumbs up. He was as … Read More

5 Signs You Need a Grown-up Time Out

35 Ways to STOP Worry in its Tracks- FREE when you subscribe to my super cool updates and freebies:   Most kids cry when given a time-out or a nap, yet most adults would drop everything and run toward either one. If only someone would tell us to crawl under … Read More

2 Things We ABSOLUTELY Must Do About Our Issues

Free “Amazing Life” Blueprint for all new subscribers. Sign-up here:    I’m not the type to boss you around, but there are 2 things you absolutely must do about your issues. Now, if you aren’t super tired and fed up with insecurity, discontentment, anger and everything else, maybe this post isn’t … Read More

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