How Will We Survive this Scary Place?

  I recently received a message from someone, who said her biggest worry in life was that her grandchildren would have to grow up in this scary world. I had to agree. I watch my tiny grandsons playing with cars, digging in the dirt, (eating the dirt), and laughing with dimpled … Read More

Why Forgetting to Breathe is a Bad Idea

Forgetting to breathe happens more than you think. You know, while you’re busy doing other really important things? Sometimes I find that I’m holding my breath or breathing so shallow, I might as well put a paper bag over my head. That can’t be good. One article I read suggested … Read More

Big Mistakes Mommies Make without Realizing they are Making Them

Make no mistake. The only reason I can blog about BIG mistakes in parenting is because I’ve made them. And the sad thing is, I didn’t always realize it until it was too late.  Now that my kids are older and I have two grandsons, I find myself with a … Read More

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