Trying to be Content with 1982 Linoleum


I am still scrubbing my 1982 linoleum week after week, or more like month after month, and I’m thinking the old brown pattern is probably coming back in style by now!

I am seriously trying to be content with 1982 linoleum.

You see, I used to hate that floor.  My inner brat would throw fits over having to clean such an ugly floor.  I would mention it to my husband like every time I pulled out the mop.

Then something happened.  It was summer of 2009.  My father-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given only a few months to live. He immediately booked a trip for the whole Waddle clan to go to Cancun Mexico. It was a bittersweet time for our family.

One night, as the rest of the family was hanging out near the pool, I snuck away a few yards to the beach. The stars were bright, and I could see the white caps of the ocean waves as they swept in.

Feeling that familiar sense of melancholy, I prayed for peace.  I asked God to settle my restless, discontent heart.

As I walked, the vastness of the stars was breathtaking! Displayed, were the familiar Big Dipper and Little Dipper.  Then…my eyes were drawn to a group of stars that made the perfect formation of a cross.

Hmm, I wondered if my eyes were playing tricks on me. But that cross was as clear as could be.

And it was at that moment, I felt as if God was saying, “I have given you everything, yet you appreciate nothing.”

Wow. Talk about an ‘aha’ moment.  I was so humbled.  Everything I was so discontent about suddenly became very insignificant. Even the 1982 linoleum.

I came back from that trip a changed Mama. I was convicted to the core that I had forsaken my First Love, Jesus Christ, and the ultimate gift He gave as He died on that cross for my sins.

Needless to say, I went home and mopped that old floor as if it were beautiful tile.  My discontentment was thrown out just like the dirty mop water.

You see, God has given us everything.  Everything we will ever need and more.

The cross is enough. It is more than enough. And it brings the deepest contentment we could ever know.

Be encouraged today. Whatever is stirring in your restless heart, there is peace in the One who gave it all.



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  1. Kathy Fitz
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    A good Word, Jennifer. I needed to hear that today. Thank you for your encouragement.

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      Thank you Kathy! Love you…

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