“Down in the Dumps” Kind of Day


“Down in the Dumps,” is an old phrase from way back in the 1500s, meaning melancholy, downhearted and glum.

Ever have that kind of day?  Me too.

The worst ones are the unexplained ones.  The times when you are simply down and there is an underlying sense of sadness.

I had one of those days recently.  Took me by surprise.

In the midst of it, I had moments of pure joy, with friends and family, worship and prayer…

But the heaviness of heart remained.

I felt like I was fighting it all day, trying to snap out of it, and shake it off.

Could it be that those days are the ones where we need to stop and be still?  To stop trying to figure it out and simply trust God to make it better?

If we are honest, there are days when no amount of prayer seems to help.

I say that with the deepest amount of reverence and love for God.  I believe He hears, even when it doesn’t seem like it.  I believe in prayer unceasing.

However, in our human condition, in this real life, flesh-and-bones state, we will suffer.  We will contend with emotions, hormones, physical ailments and mental frustration.  It is inevitable.

So what do we do about it?!


We abide.

Branches clinging to the source of life, holding on through wind and storm, we abide in Jesus.

It sounds simple, yet it takes determined effort on our part to remain in Him.  We are not striving for salvation or working to get to heaven, but we are clinging to the One Who gives us everything we need for this life.

Stay…  Remain…  Abide…  Trust…

Especially when we don’t feel it, don’t understand it, don’t want it.

The day I felt down in the dumps, I got an unexpected message from someone dear to me. Looking back, I believe it was a Divine blessing from God.  Undeserved, yet given as the encouragement I desperately needed.

The message was to thank me for making a difference.  For being a blessing to others.

Thank You, Lord.


What word of encouragement do you need today?

Can I tell you that there is more to your life than how you feel right now? There is more purpose than you can imagine?

There is a calling from God that is pressing on your heart, as I type these words, and that calling is bigger than your sadness?

Dear One, be encouraged today.  You are not alone.  Others have felt what you are feeling.  There is hope.

I would like to give you a FREE Blueprint called, “Your Amazing Life.”  It will lift your spirits, encourage you, and perhaps point you in the right direction.  I’m giving this away because I want to help.  I want to see you pull out of this heavy moment and truly live!  If you would like this FREE gift, simply sign-up by email.  No strings attached.  By subscribing, you will receive occasional emails of encouragement, and updates.  I will never share your information.  

Remember, we are together on this journey of life.


I would love to hear from you in the comments, or by email.  Either way, I will respond as quickly as I can.  Don’t walk this road alone.  There is a God Who loves you…



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