Happy and Sad (all at the same time)

  How is your heart?   There are times when a person is happy and sad all at the same time; when the heart is overjoyed for someone else while storing up silent tears for themselves.   That’s how I’m feeling this week, as I rejoice with my daughter and her newly announced engagement to a wonderful young man. Still, my mama-heart is trying to hold onto her as long as I can. This 10 Things Your Mom Never Told … Read More

Celebrating You (2 Packs of Birthday Candles)

  There was one candle left in the box. Celebrating my husband’s 47th birthday, with homemade chicken-fried-chicken, and brownies for dessert, I insisted we light all 47 candles, even though he suggested lining them up in small groups of 4 and 7. “Nope,” I replied, giving a handful of candles to my grandson to poke into the brownies. “We need to face reality, Babe. The store had candles in packs of 24, and I bought 2 because I wanted to … Read More

Watching Corn Grow (He’s in the Waiting)

I spent last week watching corn grow. The picture window in my son’s living room afforded me an amazing view of giant stalks swaying in the breeze. Along with watching corn grow, I traveled dozens of country roads that took us from tiny town to tiny town, all becoming a blur of quaint villages. It seemed my daughter-in-law was always saying, “Just 30 minutes until we get there!” And we would laugh because she knew… I was used to hurrying … Read More

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