Connecting the Dots- Welcome Guest Blogger Renee Davis


Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.

For if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion.”

(Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)


When I was a little girl, my mom worried about me because I would get lost in my own world of make-believe…playing school or beauty shop or whatever my little girl mind could think up. I once pulled all the food out of the cupboards and turned my bedroom into a grocery store. (can’t believe I actually thought grocery shopping was fun)

My mom says that she sometimes felt guilty because I played alone so often. But that was what I truly wanted.

I like to be alone. I refuel and recharge by sitting in my favorite chair with a good book and a mug of coffee. However, I know deep in my soul that we were created to “do life” together; that along with our independent, introspective, “I-can-do-it-myself” personalities, we were made to connect.

That is why I am super excited to introduce a new friend of mine. We have never met. We live on opposite sides of the country. But, the Lord has connected the dots of our paths for a purpose.

Please welcome author, blogger, and girl-on-a-mission– Renee Davis from TheStay@HomeScribe.

  1. Renee, I first came across your writing when I read an article of yours at I think it was titled, “What Happened the Day I Said Goodbye to My Dream Home.” It was such a fantastic piece! Can you tell us more about your inspiration for it?

Yes, that was actually my first published post on iBelieve, and you were so very nice to leave a comment. It was one of those pieces that just spills out of you, a rarity for me. 😉

I honestly had an epiphany–a shift in priorities when I sat down and started writing. I realized that my overworked husband would never be free of his current job that offers little work-life balance if we were slaves to a 30-year mortgage on a new house.  We had even bought 4 acres, after much prayer and consideration.

God has a reason for it. Perhaps it’ll be the site for someone else’s dream house someday. I like to say that I said goodbye to my dream home and hello to my dream family because that’s really what’s important in the grand scheme of things–the time we have together.

    2.  As an up-and-coming author, you seem to be passionate about encouraging women. I especially like your blog series called “You’re a Fearless Powerhouse (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It).” Tell us a little more about this dynamic approach to life.

Thank you, Jen. Yes, I feel a calling on my life to help women of all ages and backgrounds understand their true identity in Christ. It’s a must if we’re to break the cycle of living in bondage to fear and condemnation and all those other torturous toxins the enemy floods our minds with. Actually, I was literally born into a backdrop of fear and trauma. Unfortunately, that became a way of life for me. I still struggle, but I have the tools now to be victorious. That’s the difference.

I lived a life of defeat and suffering, frankly.  If only I’d known how to fight the enemy–that I already had within me everything that I needed to come against fear. So, yes, you really can be a fearless powerhouse even when you don’t feel like it but only when you know exactly who you are in Him and what He’s made available to you.

   3.  As a blogger, it’s easy to feel lost in a “sea of words.” I know I’ve been tempted to give up on my blog and have, at times, floundered a bit. What is one way we can stand out in the blogging world? Any tips?

I was hoping to ask you the same thing! I think it’s all about creating quality content that your readers connect with. Coupled with that, it’s the ability to just be authentic and real. It’s a fine balance of letting your readers know that you’re right there in the trenches with them, while also offering encouragement and support. I’m just an average gal. I struggle too, especially with depression and worry–which is why I’m currently reading your book, Prayer Worrier. But we can help each other along the way and encourage one another on those hard days.

   4.  Your site is called The Stay@Home I love that! Did you develop your own site? How did you come up with your title? Your logo is terrific!

Thank you for that. Yes, I did develop my own site, which is probably quite obvious! The logo was courtesy of a week-long learning experience I had in *PicMonkey

As for the title, originally, my blog was to be a Christian-based family/lifestyle blog about my life in Florida. I’d planned to also have some work at home tips and tricks, which would include how to become a writer and also share information about starting your own business.

I nearly lost my battle with Postpartum Depression and was forced to resign from my eight-year teaching career. A few years after, I started transcribing. I’ve been a transcriber, working from home ever since. So that’s how the name for the blog came about. 

   5.  I hear you are well on your way to writing and publishing your first book. Can you give us a sneak-peek into what it’s about? When do you hope to have it available for all of us to purchase?

Yes, actually, it’s nearing its completion.  I don’t have an exact date, but I’m hopeful to have it in production by late September. The book is tentatively titled, Your World, HIS WORD, and I’m really excited about what God is revealing to me and what He has in store. I’m firmly trusting Him and fervently praying that lives will be changed.

The idea for the book was birthed after I’d had a few extreme days of everything going wrong. I was tired. I was frustrated. I was weepy. I was not feeling His presence in my life. And I realized it was because I’d gotten so busy that I’d not spent time with God in quite some time. I’d simply spent too much time in the world and not enough time in The Word, and I was suffering the effects of it.

My goal is that by the last page of the book the reader will:

  • successfully incorporate strategies for spending time with God, even on her busiest of days
  • discover the root of her weakness and what’s crippling her walk with God and know how to overcome it
  • recognize and victoriously fight off the enemy’s deliberate distractions and scheme for her demise
  • develop a deeper, intimate relationship with God
  • execute actionable, doable steps that’ll move her down the path, from a ho-hum life to an abundant one, in Him.
  6.  As a fellow writer who likes to give a free gift to new subscribers, what would you like to offer those who subscribe to your blog today?

New subscribers are so awesome! I’d love to send my new friends my 7-day interactive devotional we mentioned earlier, You’re a Fearless Powerhouse (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It), as my welcome gift. This would be a quick way to start your day off with Him. It’s totally customizable in that there’s a quick devotional read and prayer but there’s also the option of moving on to the “Going Deeper” section, which has actionable extensions, a corresponding praise and worship song, printable affirmations… You can also interact with me via the response buttons and ask me to join you in prayer. It’s actually kind of cool, even if I made it myself. 😉

My new friends will also receive an exclusive invite to the blog’s private Facebook group where you’ll find free goodies, support in your walk, prayer warriors, friends, and be able to get encouragement from other women who have the same struggles. It’s my prayer that the blog will become a community of women loving God and supporting each other in their walk from average living to abundant life in Him.

Thank you so much, Renee, for taking time out of your busy life to chat with us! I am so grateful the Lord connected the dots between our busy lives.
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  1. Carrie Lowrance
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    What a great interview Renee, you are truly an inspiring woman. I can’t wait to purchase and read your book. I love your blog posts and your writings make me feel blessed down to the very last word.

  2. Martha
    | Reply

    Thanks a lot for your encouraging words
    am blessed too.

  3. Martha
    | Reply

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words.God bless you.i love to read your blog.

      | Reply

      Thank you, Martha! That is wonderful. Stay connected…

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    Thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you and your readers today, Jennifer. I’m so blessed that He’s connected us for His purpose. xo

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      Thanks for you willingness!

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