How a Little Girl on the Bus Changed Me Forever…

How a Little Girl on the Bus Changed Me Forever…

Waiting at a stop light one morning, behind a school bus, I saw a girl in the back seat making funny faces at me.

At first, I smiled and looked away, but as the light seemed to stay red longer than usual, I found myself making faces back at her.  At one point, in mock seriousness, I motioned with my fingers that I was watching her.

She loved it!  Throwing her head back in laughter, I couldn’t help but join her.

When the bus took off, she waved good-bye with sort of a sad smile.  I waved back until we couldn’t see each other anymore.

I can’t tell you how often I think about that little girl!  She was just riding to school, but she touched my heart profoundly.

I pray she will always be able to laugh at the days to come.  That she will remain friendly and not be calloused by a difficult world.  That she will come to know the Savior and lean on Him when things get tough.

I still travel that same route sometimes, and I always look for the yellow school bus.  But though our paths may never cross again, I will always remember her smile, her laughter, and her sweet willingness to connect with a lady at the stoplight.

Tiny, unexpected moments can become beautiful, meaningful experiences that change us forever.

“Lord, help us to see divine distractions as part of Your plan.  Help us not to miss sweet moments of little girls making funny faces and chances to throw our heads back and laugh.
Thank You, God, for stoplights, school busses, and moments that change us forever.”


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