How Discontentment Ruins Lives…




I’ve seen discontentment ruin marriages, cause major debt, and embitter people.

I’ve seen it change people into pleasure seeking individuals, where nothing is ever enough.

And…I have miserably lived it out myself.

I’ve often thought that I would make a good princess.  You know, the kind that rises late and eats crumpets,(whatever those are).  Then reality sets in and I settle for dragging myself out of bed and having cornflakes.

Once, in an unhappy-with-life moment, I decided to write out what my perfect day would look like.  I listed everything from having a perfectly clean house, to lying on the beach, and everything in between.

But at the end of those pages, that is when I heard His still small voice.

“Daughter, love Me and love others.”

God had seen all of my wants, desires, hopes, and princess-dreams, and summed them up into one command.

“Love Me and love others.”

What is God telling you to write across your page of dreams?

Allison Vesterfelt, Author and Contributor for Storyline Blog, writes this about her journey with contentment. (so much insight!)

• First of all, being content didn’t mean I never wanted anything. In fact, just the opposite. It meant admitting the fullness of my desire, and offering it up as a sacrifice, along with all of my physical stuff.

• Second, I learned my physical stuff was not disconnected from my spiritual and emotional life. We can’t hang on to very many things at once (we only have two hands) and having too many physical possessions was literally keeping me from enjoying the spiritual blessings I craved.

• Third, I learned to pay close attention to the things I wanted, because they were always telling me something. As long as I was willing to ask myself why I wanted what I wanted, my wants were very useful. I usually found what I really wanted, buried miles beneath the surface (often I discovered I already had it, or had access to it).

I love how she says to admit the fullness of our desire, and offer it up as a sacrifice, along with all the physical stuff.  She admits that it does no good to pretend we don’t want anything.  Profound!

Allison reminds us that our physical stuff is connected to our spiritual life, and it can prevent us from enjoying spiritual blessing.  Hmm…sounds just like discontentment.

Lastly, she encourages us to take a close look at our wants.  Just like my ‘perfect day’ that filled pages and pages, she prompts us to ask ourselves ‘why’ we want what we want.

Will you take a few minutes to write down your ‘perfect day?’  Then, will you offer it to God and wait for His answer?  Perhaps it will be the same one He gave me.

“Love Me and love others.”

Or maybe it will be a personal message just for you.  But whatever He longs to tell you, take the time to listen. He already knows what is on your pages.  He ordained them before you were even born!  And just because our princess-mentality sometimes sticks her pampered head in the way, we can trust that His plan is much, much better.

Please don’t let discontentment ruin your life.  All we have is right here and now.  The very next minute is not guaranteed.

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Remember, I’ve been there.


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