How to Stop Being Unhappy in Life…Flashback to the 70s

Are you feeling a little restless? Down-and-out? Not as happy as you should be?

Wouldn’t you like to know how to stop being unhappy in life?

Back in the day, my parents took disco lessons and danced in the living room.  Mom had long, flower-child hair, and Dad had an afro. (no joke)

The record player spun continuously, playing songs from the Bee Gees, Earth Wind and Fire, and countless other 70s icons.

I specifically remember Crystal Gale, who had long, flowing hair almost to her ankles, and the infamous song called, Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.

(Reminisce here)

What makes your brown eyes blue?

All of us get restless, bored and weary from time to time.

But when does that something-needs-to-change feeling become a real problem in our lives?

And more importantly, how do we stop being unhappy in life?

Think about it…every day we wake up in a soft bed, in a warm house, in a free country. We thoughtlessly make ourselves a cup of coffee, or two, or three.  We open our cupboards and choose what to eat. We plan our day, which may include getting our hair done, or buying a new rug for the entryway.

And yet…we are unhappy?

Failure to be thankful for what we already have, makes our brown eyes blue. Ungratefulness clouds our vision until all we see is a whole lot of nothing, instead of a wide world of everything!

I remember standing on the beach, several years ago, and being absolutely miserable. I was discontent with just about everything in my life.  I wanted a new house, car, career, kitchen floor…you name it, I wanted it.

But as I stood on the beach that night, I could see the white caps of the waves coming in.  I could see the vast amount of stars in the sky.  The Big Dipper, the Little Dipper… and then I saw what looked like the perfect outline of a cross. Was that a real formation, or were my eyes playing tricks on me?

As I stared at that cross, it was as if God was saying,

“See, I have given you everything. Yet you appreciate nothing.”

Waves of conviction like never before came over my life that night.  I came home with a brand new perspective, a fresh out-look, a deep resolve to be grateful.

And you know what?  Discontentment is a distant memory for me.  It truly is.  The unhappy, restless, irritable, girl I used to be, was replaced with a flood of beautiful peace and contentment.

I really want to help you stop the unhappiness in your life.  I’d like to give you a Free Resource Page to help you figure out what is making you so unhappy, and what you can do about it.  Let me help.  Perhaps together we can get to the bottom of discontentment and get you dancing in the living room again.




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