How Will We Survive this Scary Place?



I recently received a message from someone, who said her biggest worry in life was that her grandchildren would have to grow up in this scary world.

I had to agree.

I watch my tiny grandsons playing with cars, digging in the dirt, (eating the dirt), and laughing with dimpled smiles.

And I worry.

How will they survive in a place where people randomly shoot other people, where everyone does what ‘feels’ right, and where nuclear deals are being made with the bad guys?

I won’t always be there to protect them. And even if I was, could I?

We teach our children to play nice, eat their vegetables, and wash their hands…good job Mamas!

But what about knowing God, loving God and loving others?

Perhaps we should be honest with them. That we won’t understand all of the injustices in the world or be able to right the wrongs, but there is a Sovereign God who will.

Maybe we should teach them that really loving someone sometimes means telling them hard things…things they won’t want to hear.

That there will be a day when their own hearts will need to decide whether Jesus is Who He says He is…,or not. And that their final decision will lead to their final destination.

Maybe, we should let them know that life isn’t fair, isn’t kind, and isn’t here for us to satisfy our every whim or craving. That we can’t always trust our feelings or desires because sometimes what we desire is harmful.

We should let them know that life is given through Jesus Christ alone. To be lived by His glory, because of His glory, and for His glory.

Along with bedtime stories, maybe we should end the day with the Word of God which is the Word of Life.Oh, how I wish I could spend the rest of my days kissing dirty little cheeks, cuddling warm wiggly bodies, and building Lego towers.

Oh, how I look forward to spending my days kissing sticky little cheeks, cuddling warm wiggly bodies, and building Lego towers.

But I know that most importantly, my days must be spent wearing out the carpet…in prayer. My words must be truth whispered in their tiny ears. My actions must show them there is a Savior and He lives!

How will we survive this scary place?

By knowing we are not alone. There is a Holy God who is with us, never leaving or forsaking us even when we feel most alone. That He walks this life alongside us, directs our steps, when we let Him. And soon…very soon…He will usher His own into another place.

A place that is not scary. A place where we won’t even think about survival. A place where we will always see dimpled smiles, hear joyous laughter, and most of all, stand before our Savior…face-to-face.

Are you feeling like the future is uncertain? Are you afraid for your little ones? The next generation? This generation?

Send me an email and let me know your thoughts. I promise to respond as soon as possible.

Dear one, I am walking this journey too. I worry and fret over the state of our world. I want to protect everyone I love and save them from all things bad.

But I cannot.

There is only One who can. Jesus. Do you know Him?

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