Just Another Forgettable Monday…

monday-706919_1280Today is no ordinary day, nor is it forgettable.

Today is Marvelous Monday…

What makes it so Marvelous?

*It’s a new chance to shine:  When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and did something extraordinary, like take flowers to your workplace for everyone to enjoy?

*It’s the most productive day of the week:  So much can get done on a Monday to free up the rest of your week.  Think bills, emails, appointments, etc.

*You only have today.  Seriously.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow.  Live intentionally.  Live in the here and now.  This is it!

Be encouraged today, as you start a new work week or take some time off.  The greatest discouragements come when we allow that feeling of dread to take over.

Sunday evening, as you are relaxing with family, the reminder that tomorrow is Monday can set off the alarm of anxiety.  And it can ruin the rest of your day!

When thoughts of Monday’s drudgery comes, stop them immediately by writing down what you need to do the next day.  Then, put that paper in your wallet and forget about it until you get up Monday morning.

Mondays can be marvelous when we have the right perspective and enjoy the moment. So what if you have a big project to finish, or a lot of phone calls to make.  Embrace whatever it is that Monday brings.

Practice new habits in baby steps.  Wake up five minutes early on Mondays to walk outside and breathe in some fresh air.  Read an encouraging Scripture and make that your verse for the day.

Allow yourself a small treat on Monday mornings, like a specialty coffee or a bagel.

You can have an absolutely marvelous Monday.  Truly, you can.  It just takes a shift in thinking and the forming of new habits.

My prayer is that you will shine today, on this marvelous, marvelous Monday!

God Bless you,


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