One Good Reason to Admit You are Angry at God

There’s a hesitancy in admitting our anger toward God.

To say it aloud feels like there may be a lightning strike waiting to happen. (I think I’ve watched too much TV)

But since God already knows what is on our tongue before we even speak it, perhaps we should go ahead and admit it.

Recently, I found myself as a dutiful citizen, fulfilling my obligation to jury duty. 
During the preliminary questioning, one women in my row blurted out that she hated the police and the district attorney’s office!
The collective intake of breath from the rest of us, displayed our shock at her candidness.  (Sort of felt like lightning could strike…LOL…) 

But, admitting it got her what she wanted…sent home.

Is that why we should be totally honest with the Lord?  To get what we want?


It isn’t about getting our way.  It’s about submitting to His.

To say, “God, I don’t understand this.  Why are you letting this happen?  I am so angry,” is a very legitimate prayer. 

But when we stop there, we’ve done nothing but drop a complaint in the box.  

We really need to follow that up with…

“I know You want what is best for me.  But this doesn’t seem like the best. I give this anger to You and ask for Your will to be done.

You see, the admission is followed by submission.

A willingness to submit to His perfect plan is the one good reason to admit our anger at God.

After all, what is the alternative?  Harbor bitterness?  Let it grow into something even uglier?  Deny it?

If you are struggling with anger toward God, deal with it today, by simply taking it to Him and leaving it with Him.

Even if the answer doesn’t come quickly, or things don’t end up like you hoped, know that His plan is to prosper you and not harm you.

Can you believe that today?  

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