One Thing That Can Drive You Absolutely Crazy in Marriage

One Thing That Can Drive You Absolutely Crazy in Marriage

Guess who’s towel is on the left?

In the early years of marriage, my towel wouldn’t even be hung up. It would be lying in a heap on the floor.

And then there is my husband’s towel.  Straight and neat.  I chalk it up to his 7 years in the Air Force. (surely that has to be it)

But it’s things like this that can drive one spouse absolutely crazy in a marriage!

The one who is precise and tidy gets irritated at the one who is a sloppy mess. (that would be me)

So, we may yell, scream, get quiet and stew, throw out sarcastic hints, or just hang up the towel ourselves.  

But what if…

What if we just yielded.  Let the towel hang crookedly.  Let the issue go.  Let go…

Would that be too difficult?

Kristen, from writes this…
It’s the little things that break a marriage.
It’s all in how we look at it. 
It’s all in what we do with those little things. 
Marriages usually face big hurdles at some time or another. We protect and try to fight our way to victory. We are often aware of the giants, the big problems. But for many, the true danger is in the small, day-in-and-day-out stuff that can settle deep in our hearts and grow like a bad seed. These are the small foxes that spoil the vine that Song of Solomon 2:15 warns us of–the little annoyances are like termites, nearly unnoticeable, but they cause significant damage. Sometimes we let the smallest grievances cause the biggest destruction.
There will always be the small, day-to-day irritations.  Just a fact of life. But what will we choose to do with them?

My husband, by the way, is awesome about letting my messiness go as unspoken acceptance of the disorderly girl I am.  And I love him for it!  In fact, it makes me want to be a ‘cleany’ just for him. To go the extra mile and hang up my towel. (most days)

Ahh, the one thing that can drive you absolutely crazy in a marriage…or the hundred things…

Let them go.


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