Rock Your Marriage With These Simple Tweaks

Rock Your Marriage with These Simple Tweaks

(They really work!)

stick figures rock

Does your marriage rock?

Mine does.

But it takes a few tweaks here and there to make it happen.

These are simple, yet effective ways to really shake things up and turn on the music in your marriage.

Give some or all of them a try and then let me know how your marriage rocks!


Tweak #1

Heart and lipstick. On white background.

Ditch the generic chapstick or dollop of vaseline and get a new lipstick. Even better, get a matching liner to go with it and a yummy gloss for flavor.

If you are anything like me, by the end of the day, I am in sweats with my hair in a messy bun. But ladies, it takes 10 minutes to brush teeth, comb hair,¬†spritz¬†on some perfume and make those lips shine…just in time to greet your man.

(Hold him, love him, kiss him music video)


Tweak #2

An apple and a paper bag with lunch. Vintage Style.

No excuses here, ladies.

In the time it takes for your coffee to brew, you can have a hearty lunch packed for you hubby.

Sandwiches, salads and soups are quick and easy. Throw in a granola bar and pudding, and they will be set for the day. Even better, pack his lunch while you are putting the leftovers away the night before. If he really liked the spaghetti, send some with him the next day. Oh, how he will love you for it!

(Love notes and stuff)


Tweak #3


We’re not very good at this, ladies.

But our guys need to vent, share, discuss and talk. Listen intently by stopping what you are doing and looking them in the eye. It is a sign of respect and consideration. It builds trust and camaraderie.

Zip those glossed lips and reap the benefits of listening.


Tweak #4


Are you his worst critic or his biggest cheerleader?


I think this resonates with most of us. We know our husbands best. We are most comfortable with them. So we think we have the right to point out their faults.

Don’t we realize they already know what their shortcomings are? Just like we recognize our own weaknesses, they do too!

But what if we become their best cheerleader? Their biggest supporter?


This tweak may just make the biggest difference.

(A really honest and inspiring article)


Tweak #5

Don’t forget to pray for him…not that God will change him, but that God will bless him.

Ask the Lord to bless your husband’s work, faith, and life. Ask for Him to strengthen your marriage and give YOU the right words and actions to build your husband up.

So often, our guys are at the bottom of the list. Let’s move them to the top of our priorities and see what God can do. (For more on prioritizing your husband, click here)

These ideas may seem small and frivolous, but trust me, they will make your marriage rock and roll! Why not go and pick out that lipstick today?


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