So You’ve Hit a Wall, Now What? Helpful Tips…





So you’ve hit a wall. Poor wall.

Just kidding.

I know what it feels like to be running along, look back for a second, then crash and burn.

When I was 4 or 5, I was riding my bike down the street. A little yap-yap dog started chasing me, nipping at my heels. I was so focused on the ferocious animal, I wasn’t watching where I was going. I remember glancing up just in time to see the grill of a parked truck meet my face.


A fat lip and frozen bag of peas later, I was on the road to recovery.

Are you watching where you are going? What ‘yap-yap’ is distracting you?

I read an interesting article about the invention of cruise control and learned that it was invented by a blind man who couldn’t even drive! Seems he was riding in a car with his lawyer in the 1940s and noticed the lawyer would speed up and slow down according to whether he was talking or not. The blind man, Ralph Teetor, got annoyed and decided to come up with something to control the speed of the car automatically.(read the rest of the article here)

Cruise control is wonderful when the road is straight and no one is in the way. But in life, doing everything with a cruise control mentality can be a distraction to what is really going on in front of us, eventually leading to control

Kristen Welch, from We are That Family, shares a very real moment in her marriage when she’d hit a wall. In her book, Rhinestone Jesus, she says this:

Curled up next to Terrell one night, I thought about staying in bed forever. I’ll never forget what he said to me: “What happened to the girl I married? The one who was going to change the world?” My words hammered in my chest. “I don’t even dream of changing the world anymore. I just want to survive it.” His response filled our bedroom. “We used to be dreamers. What happened to us?” 

Life happened.

(find her book at DaySpring here)


As much as I dislike the phrase ‘life happens,’ (a much nicer version than the cuss-word one by the way), there’s nothing I can do to stop it. The thing to remember is, lots and lots of good things in life happen as well. It’s not always dogs nipping at heels and brick walls. But when we do find ourselves sprawled out on the street with a bloody lip, there are things we can most certainly do. Here they are:

>Grab a hand

Oh, how independent we’ve become! We hit walls in life and no one even knows about it. We need to reach out for help. Let others know we are struggling. They may be able to see things in a different perspective and from the outside looking in, they might see some changes we need to make. Connecting with others who have our best interest in mind is a wonderful way to gain the support we need in difficult times. No more traveling solo!

>Give yourself a break

I mean it. Take time to heal. Sometimes hitting that wall can be one the best ways to get us to rest a little. Take a one day vacation, (or longer if you can), and get the time-out you need. Have a notebook with you to record everything you are thinking about. Open the Word of God and let Him speak over your circumstances. Write it all down! Getting it on paper will remove the clutter from your mind and hopefully help you develop a renewed plan of action.

>Get a new bike

Trying to jump back on the same ride you were on when you crashed may not be a good idea. A broken bike won’t get you where you need to go. Brainstorm how you can reach your goals in a different and reliable way with new tires and sturdy handlebars. Perhaps the way you’ve been trying to get there has been holding you back all along.

>Declutter your path

What things are in your way? Are there trucks parked along the curb that you may crash into? Are certain people constantly standing in your line of sight? Prayerfully consider what, (or who), you can part with and declutter the path God has marked out for you.



Walls are built to provide shelter and hold the roof over our heads. But they can also be roadblocks that stand in our way when we need to get somewhere. When you hit a wall, and most likely you will, please don’t let it stop you from moving forward in life. Don’t stay in the wreckage caused by the crash.

Get up, brush yourself off, apply a package of frozen peas to your fat lip and get a new bike to ride. There is a road with your name on it, a road marked out for you by a loving Creator. And oh the places you’ll go for His glory!

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