Something We ALL Have But Don’t Want

Something We ALL Have But Don’t Want

We all have them, you know.

They are pesky, frustrating and sometimes, downright destructive.

What are they?

The issues we all deal with supersede age, status and personality.  

Things like anger, discontentment and insecurity are not partial to anyone.  They taint even the most well-groomed image.   
And they aren’t flattering.

So what to do…


Could the first step be, getting as honest with God, yourself and others that you possibly can?  

In fact, take this little honesty quiz… 

Which statement best describes you? 
  • Issues are my friend.
  • I ain’t got no issues!
  • I might have an issue or two.
  • Help! I’m full of issues!

If we are completely honest with ourselves, we have probably embraced all of those statements at one time or another.

Denial, rebellion, and pride can keep us from admitting or even seeing our own ugly behaviors.

So now that we’ve established that ‘we got issues,’ what will we do about them?

Will we go to someone we trust and openly admit our biggest issues?  No excuses!

Will we look at the Biblical perspective and write down three things that God says, in the face of those issues?

Will we DECIDE that enough is enough and confront our issues with truth and new habits?

Willingness…. Not so easy…. 

Believe me.  

I thought I only had an issue or two, 
before I wrote a book on them.

Found out I had all 5 and more!

Ugh…I know how un-fun it is to admit our faults.  I know we would rather stay in our familiar uncomfortableness. And I know we would love to blame someone else.

But let’s not.

Let’s choose TODAY, to say…

“No thanks,” to anger
“Not right now,” to insecurity
“Never in a million years,” to pride...

And when our ‘Old Pal’ discontentment comes knocking, we’ll smile and point to the sign. (No Soliciting)

Issues may be something we all have, but we don’t want them.(Really, we don’t)  

And thankfully, we don’t have to keep them.  


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