The Quickest Way to Put Out Anger’s Fire…

There are quick ways to put out a fire, before it grows into something untamable.  

If you’ve ever had a grease fire, you know not to pour water on it. It can only be put out by smothering it with a heavy lid, or baking soda.  Any hesitation and it can grow out of control very, very quickly.

What if FEAR was the quickest way to put out anger?

I fear that I will push people away.

I fear I will ruin my relationships.

I fear… God.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

We view God as loving, kind and good, and He is all of those things. But He is also just, righteous and holy.  

To fear God is to shun evil.  It’s not a negative thing.  It doesn’t mean we can’t have an up-close and personal relationship with Him.

It means that we honor and respect Him so much, we don’t want to let things like anger get the best of us.  

The fear of the Lord is the quickest way to put out anger’s fire.

Imagine someone carelessly starting a campfire and not paying much attention to it.  It is in the wrong place, at the wrong time, but that person doesn’t care.
Until…the fire spreads.  Then a real dose of fear comes! 

Our anger, if it’s been a habit long enough, can be something we don’t pay much attention to.  We display it often.  We carelessly let it get the best of us.
Until…it hurts someone.  Then a real dose of regret comes.

The Bible says we are to live courageously and without fear, and that is exactly right.  

But when it comes to our persistent anger, I think we ought to be afraid.  I think we ought to let fear be the quickest way to put out the fire.

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