When things aren’t blooming

CoverThings aren’t blooming

in our corner of the world and it feels a little depressing.

Here in Colorado, it’s Easter Weekend and there is almost a foot of snow on the deck!

Sometimes, it feels like the beauty is covered up, doesn’t it? Our hopes for a bright tomorrow seem…well, clouded.

If you are anything like me, you struggle a bit when you’ve sown the seeds, watered the ground, yet things aren’t blooming.

When things aren’t blooming and life isn’t turning out like we think it should, it’s easy to feel like giving up. All the time and effort we’ve invested in parenting seems to make no difference. The hard work we’ve done to cultivate our passions seems to be hitting a brick wall. Disappointments seem to be blooming just fine.

During these seasons, let’s keep in mind that our adversary wants nothing more than to steal, kill, and destroy. The very moment he can get us to give up hope, he’s won.

Keep planting! Keep sowing! Keep nurturing your God-given strengths!

Perhaps, the Lord has given you wildflowers that spring up quickly and grow like crazy. But, maybe He has given you seeds that need to rest in the soil, take root, and grow slowly.

Lean into Him through it all. I’m learning to do that as well.

Take a look at some real life things you can do in your season of drought…

Feed the soil:

It’s easy to think that if we toss a few seeds, they will naturally grow. Instead, let’s invest a little time adding nutrients to the soil, cultivating it to be the best it can be. In life, this may mean getting help from others, getting rid of toxic things, or rethinking what we are feeding our hearts and minds.

Water often:

I only have succulents in my home because I always forget to water them.The poor things start looking very parched before I give them a drink. Jesus is our Living Water. There is nothing better than to drink in the life of His Word each and every day. The Psalms are wonderful to read when we are feeling defeated.


Get plenty of light:

A friend of mine used to live in Michigan where sunlight was rare. She told me once how depressing it was and how they had to buy a special light for their home–a light that would mimick sunlight and help her feel better. Our day-to-day lives can become so dark when we keep the blinds drawn. Let’s open the windows and draw in the Light!


Protect from frost:

My mom is a wonderful gardener. If she knows there is going to be a late frost, she will go out and cover everything to protect it. Her garden is always abundant and healthy. We need desparately to protect our hearts from growing cold. In this world we will have tribulation, but we don’t have to lie exposed to the elements. We can rest in the covering of Jesus’ love.

Yes, it’s Springtime, and yes, there is a foot of snow outside. But the seeds that have been planted aren’t going anywhere. When things aren’t blooming, I’ll try not to lose heart. I will simply continue to cultivate day by day, trusting in the One who truly makes things grow. In His time and in His way.

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