Why I Cannot Pray for My Husband…

Why I Cannot Pray for My Husband…

I once heard it said, “I cannot pray for my husband.”

I remember feeling a bit shocked by that statement, and maybe even a little judgmental.

But as I pondered it further, I was able to empathize with her.

That person must have felt so let down, unsupported, and weary, it felt too…hopeless.

Ever feel that way?

Especially when we feel like prayers go unanswered, and things go unchanged, we lose hope.  We assume it does no good to pray for a man who has let us down.

But God…

He says this…“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer…” (Romans 12:12)

Could it be that we have assumed God isn’t going to answer?

Could it be we have lost patience, joy and hope?

Could it be that we have not really been praying for our husbands, but for ourselves? 
(Please Lord, help me to love him anyway…)

In my last post, I gave 5 reasons why your husband cherishes you.

And the first reason was…
You pray for him…sincerely, honestly, and consistently.

Sincerity can’t be forced, can it?  If we don’t feel sincere, what’s the point? 

What we can do is go to God openly, be reliable to pray, and earnestly intercede for our husbands.

We aren’t ignoring how we feel. We are simply admitting our feelings to the Lord and committing our feelings to the Lord. 


Ladies, could it be that the real reason we cannot pray for our husbands is because we do not want to?  
No judgment, Sister, just something to think about.

But what if we were to simply mention his name before God?  Just lift him up in the Name of Jesus?

To hear someone say, “I cannot pray for my husband,” hurts my heart. 
Because, what if, more than anything, our guys just need to know they can count on us, without a doubt…

To keep praying.    

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