Why Would I Care About What You Do?

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I care a lot about what you do. But before you think I’m a nosy Mrs. Kravitz, keep reading.



I have plenty of things keeping me busy. Too busy to look in your window to spy on you.

But I also have a deep sense of compassion and concern for your life. Why?

Perhaps it’s because I know how great it feels when someone cares enough about me to step in and say, “How are you, really?”

“How are you, really?”

Life is nothing like the sitcoms we watch.  We aren’t always able to laugh through hardship, or find the answer in 30 minutes, or wiggle our nose and make things happen.

In real life, we often find that the answer doesn’t come, laughter is far away, and we are…alone.

We have become very independent from those around us and more importantly, independent from God.


“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.”  ~Proverbs 14:12

For that reason, I care.

I can hear some of you now…Why doesn’t she mind her own business?

And you are right.  Every day I have to keep a close eye on my tendency to live a mundane, selfish and reclusive life.  Every hour I have to question my reasons for doing what I do.

And in that way, I am a Mrs. Kravitz.  A Mrs. Kravitz looking into my own window, of my own life, and my own heart.  It’s a full time, nosy job.


Is it time to view your life a little differently?

There is a big, wide, world out there just waiting for you to leave your mark for the Glory of God.  And there is an even bigger, wider, heaven that is waiting for you to enter into the Glory of God.

What are you waiting for?  Allow me to be the Mrs. Kravitz in your life and help get you motivated to make some changes for the good.  I won’t be staring through your window, but I will be encouraging you from across the street, across the states, or across the ocean.

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Look, I know you may still think I’m a meddling Mrs. Kravitz, but it sure can’t hurt to give my ideas a try.  I promise I won’t be looking in your windows, or ringing your doorbell trying to get a peek into your mess.

I’m too busy dealing with my own mess!  But I care about you.  I really do.


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